We take every precaution available to us to ensure the safety of our passengers, pilots, aircraft, and the general public.


The EXTRA300 is rated to +/-10G's making it the strongest 2 seat certified aerobatic aircraft anywhere in the world.

Fuselage construction is a solid steel cage, and the wings have 2 full length Carbon Fibre Spars running the full length of the wing.

The aircraft is meticulously maintained, and is inspected before every flight, and subject to maintenance every 25 hours of operation, at least twice as often as most light aircraft.

Many air transport operators have what is known as a 'minimum equipment list' (MEL), this means that the aircraft can still fly with faulty or damaged equipment providing it is not on the list. At XFLIGHT we have no MEL, the aircraft is 100% serviceable, or we don't go, period.


Our pilots are accomplished competition flyers holding commercial pilot licences and certified as aerobatic flight instructors. One of the most important factors in the safety of flying a light aircraft is the quality of your pilot, the vast majority of light aircraft incidents and accidents involve perfectly functioning aircraft. Our pilots are specifically trained & tested, and undergo regular improvement training and checking.


At XFLIGHT we spare no expense when it comes to safety equipment, we use only what we consider to be the very best quality gear, whilst most other flight operators will choose not to bother with some of these precautions at all.

PARACHUTES - All participants have an emergency parachute available to them, the parachute is automatically deployed in the event of a bail out by static line. Parachutes are regulary maintained and inspected to meet specific safety standards.

LIFE JACKETS - Inflatable life vests are also available for any flights conducted over water.

PCAS - On board equipment that detects any other aircraft transponder within a 5 mile radius and alerts the pilot to its presence.

FLIGHT SUITS - You have the option of wearing a fire resistant flight suit as an extra level of precautionary safety.

HELMETS - Fully integrated communication safety helmets are avilable to all.

At XFLIGHT we are continually reviewing our safety procedures, and are constantly looking for any way we may be able to improve. If you have any recommendations on how we might improve both safety and the quality of our product we sincerely welcome all feedback.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions or queries regarding flight safety.

* Passenger size and weight permitting.