"Extremely fun....worth every penny....the pilot (Wayne) was very professional, he kept me well informed with what was going to happen, and he had a great sense of humour. I will be recommending this experience to all my friends! I know I,m going back some day! Timothy"


"Nothing can be more perfect than Aerobatic flights with xflight..... My fiancee can't stop showing her flight videos to friends where pilot Wayne made sure his hands visible on camera and all get to know tht in-real she was doing tricky maneuver with wayne's expert advice/training...... Must-do-thing if you want to have real adventure experience...... never forget to ask for YouFly option and always get your DVD, as it's worth it....."


"Had a great time thanks, Wayne is a great Pilot and it was a cool experience, certainly recommend it, thanks Dave"


"Fantastic experience with Wayne who was very informative and skilled and gave me great confidence in his ability to provide a safe and exhilarating aerobatic flight. Cheers Garry"


"I have been lucky enough to try lots of things in my life, like blackwater rafting, parachute jumps, etc and have to say the Aerobatic flight was incredible, unique and simply the best experience i have had. Will be doing it again with the unlimited package.....thanks to the pilot for a great flight."


"Having done a few things on my "bucket list", including bungy jumping and skydiving and went into the "Advanced Aerobatic Flight" thinking it would be a nice scenic afternoon flight! IT WAS AMAZING...of all the things I have experience - this by far takes the cake, both mentally and physically. I have huge admiration for the pilot and also any individuals who have managed to do all 12 moves on their first flight. I was pretty happy to get to 10! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to challenge the body and mind! its epic"