Sponsorship of the Aerobatic Team represents great value for your marketing dollar.

Your brand will be viewed in nearly every visual media available. We feature regularly in a broad range of magazines and other print media. The XFLIGHT EXTRA 300 (More commonly known as the 'ROCK FM STUNT PLANE') can be downloaded and flown in a variety of flight gaming programs and is accessible to millions of gamers world wide. We also feature heavily on TV both locally and overseas in travel, action, and adventure programming as well as advertising. The ROCK FM STUNT PLANE made over 500 New Zealand TV appearances in 2011 alone. Our strongest growth in visual representation is in online video media. Our airshow and display stunts receive more and more online attention every year, and our customers can't help but share thier personal videos both online and with friends and family.


We take our sponsorship obligations very seriously, and are only too happy to help investors leverage thier exposure through us.

XFLIGHT has a number of sponsorship opportunities available to suit most budgets, for more information please contact us.




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