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FLIGHT DURATION: 20 minutes (allow 90 minutes to complete your experience)
AIRCRAFT: Extra 300

Lazy 8 - A smooth and gentle balanced manoeuvre where the aircraft is flown through climbing and descending turns at high bank angles both left and right.

Ballistic Aileron Roll - The aircraft is rolled through inverted to upright. A very gentle manoeuvre with very little G Force.

Barrel Roll - Similar to the Ballistic Aileron Roll except that in the inverted position the aircraft is 90 degrees off heading. In this manoeuvre you'll experience up to 2 G's, flown twice, once left, once right.

Loop - In this manoeuvre the aircraft is pitched up through inverted and back out the other side, you'll experience up to 4 G's.

Immelmann - Combines 2 moves together, half a loop, followed by half a roll. Fast, precise, and you'll get a great view at the top!

Split 'S' - The reverse of the Immelman, half a roll, followed by half a loop. Fast, precise, and the most positive G you'll experience with us, up to 6 G's!

2 Point Roll - A full 360 degree roll, paused half way to enjoy the view below through the clear canopy whilst inverted!

Half Cuban - Combines 3 moves together, 5/8 loop, inverted dive, half roll. You'll go from high positive G, through inverted, into zero G, and back out the other side. Reverse Half Cuban -  The same as the normal half cuban, but flown in reverse.

Avalanche - Begins like a loop, as you approach the inverted the aircraft is stalled and flicked around on itself, back to inverted to finish the loop.

Bunt - Experience the thrill of weightlessness, also known as ‘zero G'. A high speed descent that will definitely put a smile on your dial!

Hammerhead - Your introduction to vertical flight, you'll soar straight up away from the planet, come to a complete stop, and then come straight back down again!

Snap Roll - At over 300km/hr your pilot will stall the aircraft, and using the rudder will get the aircraft to auto-rotate itself. Blink, and you'll miss it.

Rolling Circle - A favourite amongst pilots, very difficult to fly well. You'll make a 90o turn and a 360o roll at the same time, and experience up to 2 negative G throughout.

Sharks Tooth - Similar to the Hammerhead or Half Cuban you'll fly vertically away from the earth, then fall on your back for an inverted dive with a -3G exit and a half roll. Few pilots will ever experience this level of intensity throughout their careers, serious adrenaline junkies only!

Pilots Choice - We'll leave this one up to your pilot, depending how you're feeling at this point we'll give your pilot the chance to really show off and have a go at a new or favourite manoeuvre from their repertoire.


The Challenger Aerobatic Flight will take you to the edge and introduce you to ‘negative G' and unless you've actually experienced it the sensation is almost impossible to describe. You'll fly through the 12 Advanced stunts, and then be taken to the top level to experience an additional four, more extreme stunts. Are you up to the challenge?
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